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The consequences of failing to dissolve a business in New Jersey

Businesses close for a myriad of reasons. When a New Jersey business decides to cease operation, it is essential to formally dissolve the business with the Department of the Treasury. Failure to take formal dissolution steps invites future liabilities for business taxes and penalties for the business and any shareholders.

Texting and driving: A serious problem without a good solution

Driving is something most people do almost every day. In fact, it can become so routine that we hardly process the fact that we are operating an incredibly powerful vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. We can also forget just how deadly these machines can be when they crash.

New Jersey, where getting your own gas is illegal

At the beginning of this year, Oregon passed a new law allowing rural counties, a county with less than 40,000 inhabitants to have self-service gas pumps. New Jersey is the only state that is still entirely staffed with attendants to pump gas for drivers. Even though New Jersey is hanging on tight to right to have someone else fill their tanks that could change with the introduction of a new bill.

What happens when you have to fire a friend?

You are an entrepreneur with a drive for success. You make the decision to start your own business and go out on your own. As funding is tight and the future is uncertain, you hire a friend from college who seems to have the right skills. Or maybe you and this friend decide to be business partners.

Seven tips for protecting yourself when deep-frying a turkey

For many families, it is the centerpiece of a holiday dinner: The turkey. So, when the holidays approach, a lot of your attention may be focused on cooking this staple. Maybe you are among the many individuals here in northern New Jersey and the rest of the U.S. who opt to cook a holiday turkey through deep-frying it in a turkey fryer.

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