Comprehensive Construction Law Representation

At the New Jersey law firm of Smith + Schwartzstein, we advise clients on a variety of construction issues, including liens, lis pendens, bids, insurance, contract compliance, surety and bond issues. Our clients include homeowners, developers, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers. Our Morristown construction lawyers are available to resolve construction-related disputes informally, through litigation or through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration.

Attorney Andrew Smith comes from a family deeply involved in the construction industry. His father was in the construction business and his brother is an architect. Mr. Smith himself has worked on construction-related legal cases of all sizes, ranging from $500 million projects to disputes over the installation of kitchen floors.

We have experience in litigating a broad array of claims that arise out of the construction process, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Construction defect claims
  • Professional liability claims
  • Scope of work issues
  • Change orders
  • Negligent design claims
  • Acceleration or delay claims
  • Consumer fraud
  • Co-ownership disputes
  • Consumer Fraud Act
  • Other construction-related issues

Protecting Contractors From Undue Liability

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

New Jersey has very particular laws and statutes with regard to a construction contractor's responsibilities and obligations. Following every law and abiding by every statute is a complex endeavor, and not many contractors do it. This normally does not pose a significant problem until the contractor becomes involved in a legal dispute. Then, it can be a real concern.

At Smith + Schwartzstein, we regularly draft construction contracts that are carefully designed to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations, including the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. This provides our clients with peace of mind. If they do become involved in a dispute with a homeowner, for instance, they can rest assured that a lack of regulatory compliance cannot be used against them.

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Our attorneys provide clients with legal support related to contractor disputes and numerous other issues arising before, during and after construction projects in New Jersey. To learn more, call our Morristown office locally at 973-532-2962 or toll free at 800-779-4098, or contact us by email.