Protecting Your Interests During Partnership Disputes

At Smith + Schwartzstein, we understand that partnership disputes can affect more than just our clients' businesses. They can also have personal ramifications, directly impacting individuals' financial security. In such cases, our partnership dispute lawyers in Morris County have the experience necessary to effectively resolve the crisis.

In most cases, clients come to us because money is flowing out of the organization and the business itself is in disarray. In some situations, one partner is misappropriating funds or otherwise failing to account for the organization's finances. We assist clients with:

  1. Obtaining injunctive relief to put an immediate stop to the theft, fraud or other financial hemorrhaging that is threatening the business's vitality
  2. Taking appropriate legal steps to resolve the underlying business problem or to dissolve the business altogether

Providing Innovative Solutions To Complex Concerns

Partnerships disputes are often very complicated, requiring creative solutions to the issues involved. Business owners are often looking for some way to ensure their companies' survival, not just obtain money from the negligent partner, and this requires a slightly different type of legal service.

New Jersey is one of the few states in the country that still has a separation between equity and law. In essence, this means that you must sue in a different court if you are looking for nonmonetary damages such as the enforcement of a particular contract or injunctive relief against a partner who is misappropriating company funds.

Our law firm has experience taking partnership disputes of an unusual or nonmonetary nature to the general equity courts of the Chancery Division in New Jersey.

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