Looking Out For Our Clients' Best Interests In Contract Disputes

The New Jersey lawyers at Smith + Schwartzstein are skilled in many types of contract disputes, including contracts related to business services, commercial sales and purchases, software licensing and technology, employment, real estate, construction and more.

We approach each and every contract dispute or potential for contract-related litigation with a commitment to doing what is best for our client. Often, disputes can be resolved quickly with a minimum of expense; other times, it is to our client's advantage to have our lawyers vigorously litigate his or her rights. We endeavor to clearly inform clients of all available options, and we craft our dispute resolution strategies in a way that both serves their immediate interests and supports their long-term goals.

In breach of contract disputes, we begin by meticulously reviewing the document, assessing the issues involved and developing a strategy in close consultation with in-house counsel and principals. Our goal is always to seek prompt resolution within the parameters of the client's objectives, ideally before litigation even commences. We also advocate for early dismissal of frivolous or defective claims wherever possible, through our dispositive motion practice.

When Contract Litigation Requires Appellate Services

Any type of contract litigation has the potential to prompt an appeal, which is why it is in a client's interest to have experienced appellate counsel involved at various stages in the process.

At Smith + Schwartzstein, our appellate practice is fully integrated with our litigation practice. This integrated practice structure provides a well-rounded perspective on a case and enables us to provide premium service. It also affords clients the flexibility to use a single litigation team for both trial and appellate work, or to assemble a special appellate team, as appropriate under the circumstances. Our attorneys have successfully resolved disputes in our clients' favor through the appellate process.

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