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What is formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a dangerous chemical. It can irritate the lungs and lead to nosebleeds, scratchy eyes and sore throats. It can lead to the development of cancers in the body and may make existing breathing conditions worse.

How do I stay safe as a pedestrian in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a highly populated state. There are millions of vehicles on the roads and thousands of pedestrians at any given time. Morristown is not immune to pedestrian traffic. When you add pedestrians into the equation you might see an increase in accidents. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians can be very tragic. So, how do you stay safe as a pedestrian in New Jersey?

Take care when choosing your motorcycle helmet

A motorcyclist who fails to don a helmet when taking to the road is risking his or her life. In the event of a collision, an unhelmeted cyclist will not have any kind of protection for the sensitive head area, and a serious blow could result in death in an instant. For this reason, it's vital that all motorcyclists take their helmet use seriously. This seriousness should also be applied to the selection of the helmet.

Tragic crash kills couple

One of the most important things that residents of Morristown, NJ, can do is be careful on the roads. Those who are careful, however, should proceed with the knowledge that some others won't be, and correspondingly watch the actions of the vehicles around them. All it takes is one poor decision by the driver of one vehicle to have a crash that results in personal injury or even death.

Drinking and driving leads to death

The busy roads of Morristown, New Jersey, have a lot of vehicles traveling at high speeds seven days a week. Inevitably, this results in some accidents. When a person is hurt in one of those accidents, he or she can talk with an experienced attorney about a personal injury case that will help them to get the funds they need to cover their medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. If a person dies in an accident, a personal injury case against those at fault in the accident can be started by the family members of the person who was killed.

Let your emotions fuel your legal battle after a wrongful death

We recently discussed some pointers for dealing with the death of a loved one. One thing that you need to know is that you shouldn't fly off the handle when you learn that a loved one died because of a preventable accident. We understand that you might be livid, but we need to channel that into taking productive action.

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