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Tragic crash kills couple

One of the most important things that residents of Morristown, NJ, can do is be careful on the roads. Those who are careful, however, should proceed with the knowledge that some others won't be, and correspondingly watch the actions of the vehicles around them. All it takes is one poor decision by the driver of one vehicle to have a crash that results in personal injury or even death.

That happened recently when two people died after the minivan that they were in collided with another vehicle, sending the minivan into the murky depths of a Willingboro Township lake. The two people were a husband, 52, and a wife, 50. At the time of the crash, they were in the jughandle that is at Route 130 Northbound. They were waiting there to cross Route 130 in order to get onto Bridgeboro Road.

Drinking and driving leads to death

The busy roads of Morristown, New Jersey, have a lot of vehicles traveling at high speeds seven days a week. Inevitably, this results in some accidents. When a person is hurt in one of those accidents, he or she can talk with an experienced attorney about a personal injury case that will help them to get the funds they need to cover their medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. If a person dies in an accident, a personal injury case against those at fault in the accident can be started by the family members of the person who was killed.

Recently, a man from South Bound Brook was killed in a crash on Route 202 near Summer Road. The man, 57, had been driving northbound through Readington County in Hunterdon County. His vehicle, a Volkswagen, was hit from behind by a Chevy pickup. That driver of that pickup, also 57, was from Willimantic, Connecticut.

New Jersey, where getting your own gas is illegal

At the beginning of this year, Oregon passed a new law allowing rural counties, a county with less than 40,000 inhabitants to have self-service gas pumps. New Jersey is the only state that is still entirely staffed with attendants to pump gas for drivers. Even though New Jersey is hanging on tight to right to have someone else fill their tanks that could change with the introduction of a new bill.

Origins of the law

What happens when you have to fire a friend?

You are an entrepreneur with a drive for success. You make the decision to start your own business and go out on your own. As funding is tight and the future is uncertain, you hire a friend from college who seems to have the right skills. Or maybe you and this friend decide to be business partners.

What happens when you realize that the hire or the partnership is not a good fit?

Get a good deal when getting a lease for office space

In, Morristown, NJ, business transactions happen every day, including the signing of commercial leases for office space. Those leases are governed by contract and business law and can be an object of contention between lessors and lessees. The potential for issues makes it critical that all involved parties are clear about what they want upfront.

When looking at office space, you should decide how much rent you are willing to pay for it. You may choose a better location with a smaller suite or a bigger suite at a less optimal location, depending upon your needs and your preferences. Since price will figure into the decision, you might as well negotiate for the best price that you can get. This may come in the form of a lower monthly rent or maintenance fees, or it may come in the form of a certain number of months of free rent.

There are 3 types of driving distractions

The list of things that can contribute to distracted driving often feels nearly endless. Eating, drinking, texting, calling, talking and using the GPS are all examples.

That said, it's easier to break things down into three main categories. More specific distractions then fall neatly into one or more of the categories. They are:

  1. Manual distractions. These are physical distractions, often those that require you to take a hand off of the wheel. For instance, reaching down to pick up a cell phone that fell on the floor is a manual distraction.
  2. Visual distractions. These are things that cause you to look away from traffic and the road ahead of you. For instance, turning to talk to a child who is riding in the back seat is a visual distraction.
  3. Cognitive distractions. These are mental distractions that make you think about anything but driving. For instance, simple daydreaming is a cognitive distraction. It doesn't matter if it's a positive thing, like planning out your vacation, or a negative one, like worrying about a meeting with your boss.

Faulty medical product causes injury

Medical products are designed to fix a problem, but sadly they often have side effects worse than the original issue.

A New Jersey State court jury agreed on a $15 million verdict against a pelvic mesh implant unit. The lawsuit, filed against pelvic mesh implants, was only the second to go to trial out of 9,000 pending cases. The first trail was in 2013, with an $11.1 million verdict. The company plans to appeal the verdict.

Cooper ends proposed deal to acquire hospitals in New Jersey

Cooper has ended a proposed deal that would have them acquire three hospitals run by Trinity Health in the state of New Jersey. The three hospitals that were at the center of the talks involving Cooper were the St. Francis Medical Center, the Lourdes Medical Center in Burlington and the Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center. All three are assets of Trinity Health.

Back in September of this year, Cooper had reached an agreement to acquire all three of these hospitals in New Jersey from Trinity Health. All three are full-service hospitals, with St. Francis Medical Center the largest of the three with more than 430 beds. The other two hospitals boast 325 beds apiece.

Let your emotions fuel your legal battle after a wrongful death

We recently discussed some pointers for dealing with the death of a loved one. One thing that you need to know is that you shouldn't fly off the handle when you learn that a loved one died because of a preventable accident. We understand that you might be livid, but we need to channel that into taking productive action.

You might choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This is one of the biggest statements you can make after your loved one dies in this manner. The fact that you are thinking about this means that you don't want to let the liable person get away with the death of your loved one without having to answer for his or her actions.

How do I deal with the wrongful death of a loved one?

Losing a loved one is never easy. It can become impossible to handle if your loved one died in a wrongful death situation, such as due to the negligence of another person or entity. So, how do you deal with the wrongful death of a loved one? There's no correct answer to dealing with grief but here are some tips to try with your family.

You need to surround yourself with family and friends as much as possible following the wrongful death of a loved one. You should never go into confinement after such a death. Surrounding yourself with familiar faces helps with the grieving process.

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